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Local Media Outdoor Advertising is one of the most cost efficient, effective and consistent forms of advertising available to your business.

And, billboard advertising is stronger and more relevant than ever! 96% of residents are exposed to outdoor media and 71% often look at the messages on billboards. Unlike other forms of advertising, billboards cannot be turned off, tuned out, or avoided.  They’re up 24/7 for thousands of your potential customers to see every day!

Out of home advertising works! 

86% of Americans agree that Billboard advertising provides resonance and credibility for brands. Studies have shown that Billboards not only work alone, but also improve the effectiveness of other forms of advertising. Billboard advertising is ideal for providing directions, brand awareness, product introductions and business familiarity.

If you want to reach new customers without being muted, skipped, blocked or minimized - choose Billboard advertising with Local Media Outdoor.  

We live in a time of information overload. The average American is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising messages each day.  That's a lot of noise!  Brands have been built on the roadways for a long time.  Consumers are more alert and more likely to pay attention to your message.  In fact, it's the only time of the day when consumers are not distracted by their mobile phone.

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Terry Harkins

Terry Harkins
General Manager, Local Media Outdoor


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Whether you're marketing your business to an affluent suburb or bringing your products to a small hometown, you're sure to find a location that reaches your ideal customers.

Why Outdoor Advertising Works

Ready to cut through the advertising clutter to increase your sales and profits?  Learn more about the proven effectiveness of billboard advertising and the ways it can work for you!

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